Rwanda National parks!

 Volcanoes National park comes on the first place to attract many tourists in Rwanda.

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 Akagera National park  is also making the difference in Africa!

Akagera is home to more than  a dozen types of antelope, most commonly the handsome impala, but also oribi and bushbuck, as well as the ungainly topi,  the rare roan and the world's largest antelope, the cape eland. Leopard and hyena might be seen on a night drive as well  as other secretive creatures of the night. And hippo and crocodile are almost guaranteed on a boat trip in Akagera’s largest lake,  Ihema.

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  Nyungwe National Park is a top ecotourism destination with a growing network of hiking trails that offer visitors great opportunities for world class bird watching, chimp tracking, monkey watching, and orchid ogling. Camping is also possible at a few sites in the Park. And, of course, the Park also offers the only Canopy Walk in East Africa

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 Other interesting  attractive attractions in Rwanda

 In Kigali City

National Museums in Rwanda

 Visiting Rwanda Museums is to learn more about our  Culture!

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Tourism in Rwanda

Many people know that tourism is to leave a usual place and go to leisure at other places. But this is one of tourists’ purposes.

Tourism means a travel for recreational, leisure, or business purposes. On other hand, tourists are people who travel and stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one year for leisure, business, or other purposes.

As we know some countries that have the well known places where tourists come to see, Rwanda is one of tourists’ homes because of its natural beauty. And you can find some animals which are only on its land. Mountain gorillas are one of the animals found in Rwanda. You can also find beautiful birds in the Nyungwe national park.




Rwanda is a country with four provinces and  Kigali city. Each province has places to be visited after paying and other free places. Let look every province with its specialty.

  1. Kigali city

In Kigali city, the capital of Rwanda, there is some free places to visit:

  1. Kigali memorial site located at Gisozi
  2. Nyanza memorial site located at Kicukiro exactly at Nyanza
  3. Mount Kigali, the longest mount in Kigali city
  4. Jali mountain, the home of communication

There other places in Kigali that are paid:

  1. Natural history museum located in Richard Kant house at Muhima
  2. Presidential palace museum located at Kanombe


  1. NYAMATA memorial site which around Kigali on 2 hours from Kigali to Nemba boarder
  2. Ntarama memorial site where people were killed in churches in1994 genocide against the Tutsi. It is located on the road Kigali-Nemba boarder


  1. Northern province

Rwanda Northern Province is one of the places where you can find many places to visit.

Free places:

Northern Province

Northern Province is one of the 5 provinces, it is Rwanda’s mountainous Province it comprises most of the former provinces of Ruhengeri and Byumba, along with northern portions of Kigali Rural. It is divided into the districts of Burera,Gakenke,Gicumbi,Musanze,and Rulindo.
The capital city of northern province is Musanze
Area: 3,293 km2 (1,220 sq mi).; Population:1,650,704(in 09)
Density: 501/km2 (1298/sq mi)
This province has 5 districts
Don’t mind if you see that we are stressing to (Musanze&Burera) it is because they are the districts which are boarded to gorrillas’ home and the gorillas’ families play a great role to emprove people’s lives across volcanoes national park.

While visiting this province,you will know why Rwanda is a land of thousand hills. And get in contact with five of the eight volcanoes of the Virunga chain(Karisimbi,Bisoke,Sabyinyo,Gahinga,and Muhabura) all these mountains forms volcanoes national park which is the home of mountain gorillas.

 read more also about other sarounding placeS of MUSANZE town

Waterfall at Mpenge river
  1.  Cave located in musanze city exactly at Musanze near INES Ruhengeri
  2. Rukara rwa Bishingwe death place which is found in Musaze District exactly where it’s known as Kizungu place.
  3. Twin lakes mean Burera and Ruhondo lakes located between Musanze and Burera district boundaries.
  4. Rusumo waterfall located in Burera district, Butaro sector, near Rugezi valley.

Places to visit with a permit

  1. Virunga national park located at Kinigi. In this park, you can see the mountain gorillas which are found in that region of volcanoes only in the world. You will also have the chance to climb Karisimbi Mountain when you visit this park
  2. Nkotsi forest located on the road Musanze- Muhanga where is known as Nyakinama. In this forest, every king in Rwanda who was going to take a royal name must go there for the blessing and other services could be done which can help king to perform well.
  3. Rugezi watchtowers where you can see different beautiful birds. It’s located near Rusumo waterfall in Burera district



  1. When you are going to Musanze from Kigali, don’t miss to see Kabuye Mountain, the longest mountain in the north province. On this mountain, you can see all Rwanda orientations and you are able to see Crete Congo nil and volcanoes as you are there not only to see the crete congo Nili but also it can be one of your favorite hike place.
  2. You can see also Burera and Ruhondo lakes, the volcanic lakes in Rwanda.
  3. Arriving at Rwaza, don’t miss to see Rwaza Catholic Parish which is the third missionary camp in Rwanda
  4. Arriving in Musanze city, you can visit Nyamagumba Mountain where the liberation war between RDF (Rwanda Defense Force) and exfar took place in the Ruhengeri region. You can go there for hike and this place is located near Musanze prison.
  5. From Musanze to Rubavu, do not miss to Mutobo camp where people who came in exile must pass in the formation before going in their formal village. This is to promote the national unit and reconciliation.
  6. Do no miss to see also Bigogwe Mountain. This is formed like a breast and that is why they call it Bigogwe breast.
  7. When you are going to Musanze, do not miss to see pyrethrum plantation located in kinigi village.


  1. Western province

This province is the best place to see because of its best places and it contains a half of Rwandan source of water and energy. Here we can say Lake Kivu, the first biggest lake in Rwanda, several hydroelectric power stations like Rusizi 1 and Rusizi 2.

Free places to visit

  1. Kivu Tam Tam beach where you can relax on the first Rwandan beach. this place is located near Kivu Serena hotel
  2. You can see AMASHYUZA near BRALIRWA. This water called Amashyuza is always hot and some people say that it can cure muscles illness.
  3. Nkombo island which is located in Rubavu district, in Kivu Lake.
  4. Bisesero memorial site which is located in Rutsiro District.
  5. Nyange memorial site which is also located Karongi District
  6. Betania and Moria beach located at  city
  7. Mibirizi memorial site located in Nyamasheke district.

Places to visit after having permission

  1. Gishwati forest located in Rutsiro district where you can find monkeys, different kinds of birds, and other several animals.
  2. Environmental museum located at Kibuye in Rutsiro district.


  1. When you arrive at Gisenyi, do not miss to visit KIAKA cooperative where you can find several types of fabricated thing, such as craft things and other furniture. It is located at 4 kilometers from Gisenyi city on the road Rubavu-Kigali exactly in Mahoko village.
  2. Do not miss also to visit BRALIRWA which is the first factory in Rwanda in producing drinks.
  3. Apart from KIAKA, do not miss to visit BAZIRETE Market, the first vegetable market in Rwanda.
  4. Bigogwe refugees camp where refugees who came in democratic republic Congo live. It is located in Rubavu district exactly in Bigogwe village near Gishwati forest.
  5. Kigeme refugees’ camp located in Rutsiro District. In this camp also live people
  6. When you are to Kibuye city, do not miss to see NDABA rock, the biggest rock in Rwanda.
  7. Don’t miss to see Nyundo Catholic Diocese, one of the first missionary camp in Rwanda. Here, you can see Nyundo Orphanage (Orphelinat  Noel)
  8. Do not miss to see Bugarama valley which is located in Rusizi district. This valley is the second big valley in Rwanda and it is the first hottest region in the country.
  9. In this valley, you have chance to visit Bugarama cement production (CIMERWA). This valley is where rift valley in Rwanda passes.
  10. When you are in Nyamasheke district, don’t miss to see Cyamudongo Mountain located near Mibirizi parish.


  1. Southern province

As other provinces, south province contains places for visit like national museums where you can see some different things that symbolize Rwandan culture.

This province is known as the home of intelligence because it contains the National University of Rwanda (NUR). So you can have chance to visit that university. Let us look some places where you may visit.

Free places

  1. Murambi memorial site located in Nyamagabe District. In this 1994 Genocide, you can see the skeleton of died people with their own muscles. It located in Nyamagabe District which is located on the western side of Huye District.
  2. Kamonyi memorial site located on the road Kigali-Muhanga
  3. National University of Rwanda which is located in Huye city, where you can found the forest called ALBORETUM. For visiting this forest, there must permission from university authorities. You can find the beautiful monkeys in this forest and understand the fresh air of our national university.
  4. Presidential palace located at Gitarama. This palace is for ex-president Gregoire Kayibanda.
  1. Kibeho catholic parish which is located in Nyaruguru District. On this parish, there have been ………….

Places for visit after having permission


  1. Eastern province

This is the last province we are going to see what about tourism. Eastern province has also its natural beauty. As other provinces, it has places that you can see for free and other places that you can see after having permission from Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Free places

  1. Nyamabuye memorial site which is located in Kirehe district. Here you can see how many persons were killed in 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. This is known as one of the places where many people were killed.
  2. When you are going in eastern province, you pass to the good lake which is called Muhazi Lake. So, do not miss to visit this lake. You pass to it after passing in Musha region located on the road Kigali-Kayonza.
  3. When you arrive at Rusumo, go and visit Rusumo hydroelectric power station which fed the eastern part of Rwanda and a big part of Tanzania.

Places to be visited after payment

  1. Akagera national park which is located in Gatsibo, Kirehe, and Nyagatare Districts. This is the biggest park in the country. You will see in this park, different kinds of animals. You take a bus from Kigali to Kayonza and you take a road to the Akagera national park.
~Christian Usengimana~