Our services as experts

The core mission of Expert Translator and Guide Ltd is to assist our visitors to Rwanda to experience as fully and enjoyably as possible the delights of 'the land of a thousand hills'. We provide the means for you to make the most of every moment here by ensuring that every aspect of your trip is smooth and trouble-free. We are committed to responding quickly and efficiently to your needs, to showing you, from our inside knowledge and experience, the essential features of Rwanda, so that you will leave with a greater knowledge and appreciation of our country, and a feeling of great satisfaction.

Some of our services:

  • We offer all services related to tourist activities such as visits to the major sites - Genocide Memorials, National Museums of Rwanda, National Parks (Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park and Virunga National Park).
  • We enable our clients to experience and expand their knowledge about Rwandan hills and to understand why Rwanda is called 'the land of thousand hills' through sightseeing around the country.
  • We also offer information concerning accommodation in all our 5 provinces (Northern Province, Southern province, Eastern provinces, Western province and Kigali city) besides assistance with hotel booking.
  • We can obtain Gorilla trekking permits for you. Please note that you often need to book well in advance.)
  • We offer services relating to sports (attending games, swimming, riding, hiking) and entertainment (night clubs, music, concerts, cinema, traditional dancing, visits with local people).
  • We also believe that it is our duty to connect local people with our clients in order to promote better understanding and friendship through interaction and the sharing of views and experiences in Rwanda.

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The Expert Translator and Guide Ltd is committed to enable all the visitors of Rwanda from different parts of the world to expand their knowledge to the land of thousand hills, by experiencing African lives empowerment, natural resources, culture, education, greening and so many other things our client may desire to know. Some of the following services related to guiding, we offer are clarified as the following:

  • We offer all services related to guidance in tourism activities like visiting different attractive places, Genocide Memorials, Institute National Museums of Rwanda, National parks (Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park, and Virunga National Park).

  • We enable our clients to experience and expand their knowledge about Rwandan hills and know why Rwanda is called a land of thousand hills through sightseeing all adventures around the country.

  • We also offer all information concerning the accommodation from all our 4 provinces (Northern Province, Southern province, Eastern provinces, Western province and Kigali city) besides the information of hotel booking and Gorilla trekking permits booking services.

  • According to the choice of our client, we can offer the guiding services related to the entertainment ( in different kinds of sports by playing or watching games, running, swimming ,riding ,hiking, photographing, attending shows, night clubs entertainments and visits the local people,).

  • If you want to enjoy Kigali (the capital city of Rwanda), we also help you to entertain while on looking plays , cinema houses, music concerts of Rwandan traditional artists in weekends, or dancing in different night clubs.

  • It is also our duties to connect people with our clients for more good interaction with Rwandans and sharing their views and their experience in Rwanda.

Our experience has shown us that visitors frequently lose time and money through not understanding local transport systems, and we aim to eliminate these problems for you by providing all necessary help regarding transport.

  • Now we can arrange all services related to hotel transfers.

  • We facilitate people to find Public Buses and provide an accompanist to make sure that their staffs are surely secured and follow up the reaching of the client to the destination safely.

  • We also deliver a service of lending vans for picnic or for other services related to tourism in Rwanda like in gorilla trekking mountain tracks are needed ,differently to the kind of cars needed in Akagera national park or Nyungwe national park trip,

  • We do not only lend vans but if it is necessary we drive our client till where he/she wants to go.

  • The cars for any kind of leisure or other ceremonies are provided (self driving is also allowed as long as he/she has driving license).

  • We can also offer services related to transportation of goods to all corners of the country.
  • Flight tickets also can be accessed easily based on our partnership with the air transport companies.

All the transport services are based on your need! We are here to help our clients accessing /satisfying their needs for a good time. Public buses are available for the cheapest price and private cars are available no matter the location the only essential is the budget, we orient you for a perfect fit.

Basing on our knowledge and experience, the researches show that some of the writers can write the things with no facts because they have read wrong information in news papers, journals, and so on about Rwanda.

So we have designed these services to help all the people, who are interested to carry their researches about Rwandan history and its progress of today after Genocide of Tutsi in 1994, east African culture, and researches based on education, health, economical growth, political system, environmental protection by avoiding all activities related to global warming, protection of wild animals and other fauna species etc

For facilitating those researches to reach the field study easily, and get original information by doing face to face interviews, etc… at the field. we provide a help of translating for anyone who is in need of these services. In following languages English, French, Swahili, and Kinyarwanda .

For our own research , We are committed to explore more all around our nature and create new touristic place referring to the beauty /decoration of the place around the country and referring to the pre-colonial past history and the overall idea is to protect our environment by making our word green. We work hand in hand with the people, to foster them and express

Hiking to the mountains & hills of Rwanda is becoming a culture to all our visitors and some photographers conclude that, Rwanda has an entirely good landscape. Most of our services related to hiking or photographing are applied to the countryside, at the shores of the lakes, to the mountains, forests and other attractive places based on natural resources and at the palaces in the history of Rwanda in order to explore more about Rwanda landscape even empowering the people around the area.

If you choose enjoying our Hiking and photographing services, you are advised to make sure that your camera batteries are full charged and has enough memory. Some hotels where you can stay have some facilities so you can charge them at lunch or night time. Through these services you also experience much more about birding (since there are so many various kinds of beautiful birds you can find anywhere else. so don't forget to pack binoculars and camera are very much indispensable.

This service will not only help people who want to invest in Rwanda but also help students who are writing their thesis about African tourism, or other services based on sub-Saharan African life especially Rwanda.


We know that visitors to Rwanda can often feel frustrated when they are shopping: they don't speak the language, they don't know the 'real 'prices, and they are not experienced bargainers. They often feel that they are paying 'muzungu' (white people) prices which are elevated. We can accompany you on your shopping expeditions and help you to avoid these problems.