It is widely believed that when you get somewhere for the first time you meet with some challenges like a choice of right place to stay in, language communication, culture,…so, After perceiving the confusion that happens to a lot of people who come in Rwanda for the first time and who may do not know somebody to guide/help them in different situations; we purposed this article to fight against that confusion for your safety.

Therefore, let’s share this experience where a person has given a poor service of being shown a hotel to stay in and though he/she didn’t get a chance to compare different hotels, their values and services before. We agree that this person spent time in that place but let’s think again about his/her feelings after finding out that the hotel he/she stayed in was not matching to her/his decision that could be made before!

Here below we have done our best to find out the good hotels that can afford someone’s need in right time in each province from Rwanda so that you can have a right choice depending to your passion through the links.


Hotels in Gisenyi

After observing this map let us begin with  describing some hotels located in this city.


Stipp hotel is located in Gisenyi City on shores of Lake Kivu.The hotel is a favourite hangout spot for the comparatively wealthier locals, particularly during soccer matches.

Tel: +250 252 540335 / +250 252 540060. 

Mobile: +250 788 304335 / +250 788 302500.



The hotel stands on the shores of Lake Kivu, just outside the small town of Gisenyi, which is 160km from Kigali (20 minute's flight from Kigali International Airport) and minutes from the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the city of Goma.

 Tel: +250 252 597100 / +250 252 541100

Fax: +250 252 541102

Email:[email protected]


Dian Fossey Hotel

Dian Fossey Hotel is located in Nyiramacibiri Gisenyi on the sandy beach shores of Lake Kivu. The hotel is only 5 minutes drive from the Eastern Congo town of Goma.

Mobile: +250 788 517591 / +250 788 539742.

Email: [email protected].


Palm Garden Resort

Not far from the town of Gisenyi, on the shores of Lake Kivu you will find Palm Garden Resort, a quiet, relaxing oasis with manicured gardens along with comfortable accommodation. Lake Kivu is considered to be one of Africa’s great lakes, and lies in the Albertine Rift Valley sharing the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Mobile: +250 788 22563 / +250 788 306830.


It is a business class hotel in Gisenyi Town where you find a showcase the cream of Rwandan culture while delivering the best service, international cuisine, social style and business reliability. it is located in Gisenyi town, about 2.5 Km from Gisenyi airport, 500m from KIVU lake, 200m from City Centre and 156 Km from the Kigali International Airport (Rwanda).

Tel: + 250 252 540485 / +250 252 540488

 Email:[email protected]


Peace Land Hotel has a magnificient views of the city on one side and prestigeous lake kivu on the other side. Get a clear view of  volcanic landscape which is very attractive.

  Tel: +250 252 540007 / +250 252 540008

Mobile: +250 788 511760
Email: [email protected]


Tel: +250 55113953. Mobile: +250 788 309269 / +250 788 346434.
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]


Mobile: +250 788 648650

Email:[email protected]

Belvedere Hotel

With the luxurious interiors and elegant furniture mixed with the Rwandan culture, Belvedere Hotel sets the benchmark in the hospitality industry with its outstanding quality standards and personalized Customer service.

Tel: +250 72 540349. Mobile: +250 788 322777.

Email: [email protected]





Nyagatare is the largest district in Rwanda. Located in the Eastern Province, it occupies the North East boundary of Rwanda. Its capital is Nyagatare, the main town of the now defunct Umutara province.
It borders Uganda in the North, Tanzania in the East, Gatsibo District of the Eastern Province in the South, and Gicumbi District of the Northern Province in the West. It has an area of 1741 km2, making it the largest district in the country. Getting there by bus will cost you Rwf 2000.
Nyagatare is one of the most beautiful places in Rwanda; it lies in an area of grassy plains, and gentle hills, with excellent views in all directions, including the hills of southern Uganda and the Virunga Volcano Range.
The District of Nyagatare contains half of Akagera National Park where there is a vast collection of wildlife including African buffaloes, antelopes and other ruminants.
Like most urban centres in Rwanda, Nyagatare is clean and orderly. People are very friendly and greet each other and visitors with a hug.
The cost of living is a bit low compared to Kigali as they get most of their goods from Uganda. With the Buziba border only 12km away, it costs only Rwf1000 to get there on a motorbike.
Another commodity that is imported from Uganda is kanyanga, a local brew that is illegal. During our visit this week, locals denied its existence and no amount of persuasion could lead us to even a half-litre of the potent drink.
New Blue Sky Hotel, the biggest hotel in the district, is a few metres from the Taxi Park. Here, a single room goes for Rwf15,000 and a double goes for Rwf30,000.
If you are a fish fan, a whole Tilapia will cost you Rwf10,000 and a whole chicken goes for Rwf7,000. Brochette goes for Rwf500 a stick and a bottle of soda costs the same.
Accommodation options vary. Close to New Blue Hotel is Savanna Safari Lodge. At Savanna, a room will cost you Rwf3000 for a single and Rwf5000 for a double.
The town also boasts several bars that turn into semi-night clubs when the sun goes down. The cost of beer and roast meat is on the low end.
If you are planning to visit Nyagatare for the first time, dress lightly because it is one of the hottest places in the country.

DEREVA hotel is also making the difference to the east of the country.
A Warm welcome awaits you at DEREVA Hotel with everything right where you need it.Be it luxury or comfort,we have it all in one package.
DEREVA Hotel provides a refreshingly unique experience in Eastern Province. Conveniently located in Rwamagana District just in 50 minutes drive from Kigali City and 40 minutes drive to Akagera national park.
Relaxation reigns here amid a serene landscape set in a serene environment, above all the hotel is sandwitched between international organisations of repute.

La Palisse Hotel/Gashora.

La Palice Hotel

this lovely resort ,which opened on the south shore of Lake Rumira in early 2009, is one of the most attractive spots to stay near Kigali,& its popularity is likely to soar  as & when the country's international airport  relocates to Bugesera.

Hotels in Musanze


As the hotel is located at MUSANZE District, it makes convenient access to the tourist places and shopping centers making it a favorite destination for business and leisure travelers.

Read more through Expert Translator and Guide Ltd website


It is located in kizungu, close to post office   place and there can provide all services you can need in this quite place

For further information you can have a look on its website if you do not find enough information back to us or call the number mentioned on their address.

P.O.BOX: 177 Musanze, Rwanda

Tel: +250252546333/ +250788343127/ +250 784141000

FAX: +25025254611

E-mail: [email protected]



It is quite close to Musanze hospital and it has its special go visit their office or website for further details.

Telephone Numbers

Exclude first 0 after country code if you are calling internationally

Mobile: +250 0788558501/ +250 0252546857

Fax: +250 0252546856



It is very close to MUSANZE DISTRICT office.

Phone: +250252501717/8

Fax: +250252501716

Gorillas Lake Kivu/Gisenyi

Phone: +250252540600/1

Fax: +250252440602



It is in the middle of Musanze close to the main road from Kigali in entrance of MUSANZE, beside to BANQUE POULAIRE, sub branch Kigombe.

When you want to contact them, just use:

NGOGA Dominique,

Managing Director


Tel: +250252545462/ +250 252 546461/ +250788777455

Fax: +250252546460

E-mail: [email protected] (private)

             [email protected] (company)



There is why it has this name and therefore it has its specialty from others it is opposite to volcanoes hotel


Tel / Fax: +250252546296

Mobile: +250 78889894

Email: [email protected]


E-mail: [email protected]



La palme hotel is one of the best hotels in musanze and it is located in Musanze district, on the road kigali-gisenyi, near Musanze district headquarter. If you want more information about this hotel, use the following addresses.


Tel: (+252) 546428/29

+250252546428 / +250252546429

Fax: +250‐546430 /+250‐546431

Mobile: +250 788842150

Email: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]

[email protected]


Virunga hotel is a hotel owned by Virunga Business Group. It is located in Musanze City, to 85km from Kigali city and 25km from Ugandan boarder (Cyanika). When you arrive at the big modern market, just turn on the right hand in 100m and you will find Virunga hotel.



Tel: +250778556604/ +250783001801/ +250 7883439

Fax: +25025254904

B.P 121 Ruhengeri

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Village Touristique de Kinigi

Tel: +250 86394/7885 33606, 7883 01260


Tel: +254 2734001/5, +254 733616204/5

 Email: [email protected]


Centre Pastoral Notre Dame de Fatima

This hotel, owned by the Catholic Church, is more than just a lodging place. The grounds had a seminary, a church, office buildings, gift shop, restaurant, and an internet café. Although there is a lot of mission orientated visitors who stay here, it is also one of the more popular hotels in the area for people visiting the Silverback Gorillas which is only a few short miles away to the Gorilla park entrance. For more information, contact them on:

Tel: +250252546780 /4

Fax: 250 252 546783

Email: [email protected]

Relay’s gorilla hotel

RELAY'S GORILLAS HOTEL is located in Musanze District (Fomerly known as Ruhengeri Province) just opposite ECOBANK in the town center. It is a splendid hotel where you have acces to all the facilities the town can offer just next to you.
B.P.194 Musanze – Rwanda, Tel: (+250) 546280 B.P.183 Kigali – Rwanda,
Tel: (+250) 575310

Cell : +250 085 8562 – Fax: (+250) 575349
Email:[email protected]

Here are other places where you can stay and their expect addresses.

Bamboo Inn

This lodge is located in Musanze city about 1km from Musanze food market. For more details, contact them on:

Tel: +250 788414326 / 03129264

Mobile: +250 788696444

Email: [email protected]


Dubai World Gorilla Nest Lodge

Tel: +2502525146108

Mobile: +250 788410738

Email: [email protected]

Home d’Accueil Moderne

Tel: +250252546525

Kinigi Guest House

Tel: +250 78851 5146 / 78 8533606

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.rwanda‐

Tourist Rest House

Tel: +250 25246635

Village Touristique de Kinigi

Tel: +250 86394/7885 33606, 7883 01260

Hotel Urumuli

This is a hotel located in Musanze cross to the bus station. From the masin road to Gisenyi, it is 500m cross to the big market. For more informations, contact them on:

Tel: +250 46702

Mountain gorilla nest


E-mail: [email protected] (direction to our Hampshire office)

[email protected] (direction to our Scottish office)

Tel: +44(0)1980849160

Fax: 44(0)1980849161

Gorilla nest lodge/ Kinigi gorilla nest


E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: Office: +25(0)252589106

      Mobile: +25(0)783004914

For reservations, come and see

      Mr. Jean Luc Miravumba

      Tele 10 Building, Boulevard de l’aeroport.

Gorilla’s nest hotel

This hotel is located in Kinigi village cross to head quarter of Virunga National Park.


P.O Box: 79 Ruhengeri, Rwanda

Le bambou hotel


E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +256382883831


Hotels in Kigali

Kigali serena hotel

It is located on the road

Just 10 minutes from Kigali airport


Remigo hotel

Conveniently located in Kimihurura-Rugando. It is just 10 minutes drive from Kigali International Airport. Relaxation reigns here amid a serene landscape. Set in a serene environment, the hotel is sandwiched between International Organizations of repute.

Mount Kigali hotel

Boulevard Nyamirambo

Tel: +250784040420

Tel2: +250728840420

Email: [email protected]


Top Tower Hotel

Top Tower Hotel Kigali is a luxury hotel located on one of the most pleasant boulevard of Kigali in the booming district business of Kacyiru.

Umuganda Boulevard, P.O. Box 196, Kigali - Rwanda

Tel: +250-252-553-100

Email: [email protected]


Umubano Hotel

The Umubano Hotel is a 4 star hotel located 5 km from the centre of Kigali atop one of the many hills that makes up the city. For business travelers we offer the convenience of four meeting rooms, WiFi internet and a business centre. The hotel also features a bar and restaurant, various leisure facilities including an outdoor swimming pool, fitness, aerobics, sauna and tennis court. There is also a bank, several shops and parking on site. Umubano Hotel is considered among the best Kigali leisure and business hotels.

Umubano Hotel | +250-252-59 35 00
Boulevard de l'Umuganda
P. O. Box 874 - KIGALI – RWANDA

The manor hotel

Tel: +250 (0)727690030

     +250 (0)786654435

Email: [email protected]

Okapi hotel

This hotel is located in Kigali city especially at Muhima. it is about 1km from city centre ( Chez Rubangura). For more informations, contact them on the following addresses:

Po.Box 1775 Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: +250 (0)252571667

Fax: +250 (0)252574413

Mob: +250 (0)788359877


Mille collines

When coming from Kigali International Aiport, follow the main road leaving the airport passing through Remera area and the Parliament, cross the round-about and continue till the Ministry of Defense Building, turn right till the traffic lights. After the traffic lights turn on your right till the Avenue Député Kamuzinzi on the left hand side. On that avenue you will meet the Avenue de Rusumo where you turn right and meet straight the Avenue de la République. The hotel is in front of you.

La Palisse Hotel

 When you arrive at Kigali international airport, come on the main road to city centre, turn in the road to Rusumo boarder, it is located on the left side of the road near Kigali Parents School.

Le Printemps Hotel

This hotel is located at Kimironko main road, near KIE (Kigali Institute of Education), opposite Kimironko Taxi Park. If you want more information about this hotel, contact them on the following addresses:

Tel: +250 58 21 42

Mobile: +250 788307133 / +250 788302310

E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]


Kigali Diplomat Hotel

Kimihurura, Kigali.

Tel: +250 252 581330

Mobile: +250 788 2083001

Email: [email protected]


Civitas Hotel

Kisementi, kigali.

Mobile: +250 788 355014 / +250 788 545975

Email: [email protected]


Land Star hotel

LANDSTAR HOTEL is located at Remera directly opposite ICTR, and 100 meters from the Amahoro stadium. We are at 10 minutes drive from the Kigali International Airport as you can see it from the directed line and only 15 minutes to the Kigali Central Business District.

Once you call you will hear a friendly response to your call identifying the hotel "Landstar Hotel Hallo".

Phone: +250252583158 FREE +250252583158
E-mail:[email protected]

For more details or more clarification concerning the hotel please contact:

Phone: +250786572722
E-mail:[email protected]

Olivier Rico
Phone: +250783125416
E-mail:[email protected]


kibuye Hotels 


Moriah Hill Resort is one of the luxurious and elegant 4 star rated hotel in Kibuye, Rwanda. The resort is located right on the shores of Lake Kivu. Available for accommodation are 18 comfortable rooms with en suite bathrooms, a private balcony, an in room safe, mini bar, coffee/Tea making facilities and satellite television. Facilities available includes a restaurant, bar, conference hall, internet access and laundry services. The restaurant offers delicious traditional and international cuisine. The restaurant can also cater for various weddings, business functions and parties. The guests are assured of an experience of their lifetime as they engage in various activities such as boat trips, kayaking, swimming, walking and climbing on the hill and walks on the man made beach. There are also various attractions to visit close by, such as the Gisovu Tea Plantation and Genocide Memorial site at Karongi Catholic Church.


Holiday Hotel is one of the best hotel in the west of the country.
Holiday hotel is an elegant and luxurious hotel located in Karongi District just in 400 m from Westen Province offices and lies on the shores of glorious Kivu lake with its overlooking in a quiet environment.

It is our vision to become the preferred service provider in the country in all areas pertaining to Hotel's services and tourism with the aim to develop and maintain a successful partnership with our clients. You progress is committed to our quality delivery service.

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