It is our pleasure to offer our highest recommendation for Emmanuel Nzabitondera, Owner and Managing Director of Expert Translator and Guide, Ltd. Emmanuel provided us with excellent personal service during our trip to Rwanda. From helping us obtain the best currency exchange, directing us to the best shopping areas and assisting with transportation, to guiding us personally through the Genocide Memorials, Emmanuel’s knowledge of Rwanda is outstanding. He was prompt, courteous and exceptionally valuable in helping us negotiate the complexities of visiting another culture, giving us the luxury of just enjoying the experience.  Emmanuel is committed to providing experiences tailored to his clients’ wishes and his intelligence, warm nature and outgoing personality make him a pleasure to spend time with. We left Rwanda feeling that he was part of our family. 

Pat and Georgeann


Boise, Idaho, USA.


June 19, 2014


To whom it may concern:

I spent the month of September 2011 in Musanze, Rwanda, volunteering at PREFER Preschool run by Cathy Emmerson.   I am from Aurora, Ontario, Canada and had been to Tanzania for two months in 2010 and fell in love with Africa.  It took some time to plan for Rwanda as I had a big fundraiser to raise money for the school and to buy goats for families. 

I met Emmanuel Nzabitondera (Manno) at the airport when I arrived and spent a great deal of time with him that whole month.  He was a teacher at the PREFER Preschool and I saw his natural ability to teach children right away.  His easy going and gentle nature with the children was wonderful to watch.  Manno could get their attention very easily with his sense of humour and fun.  We taught English to some members of the local community together.  Manno made every class fun and interesting and left the students wanting more knowledge. 

Manno and I spent much time together and had many long talks on the walks to school every day.  He wants to do many things to help improve the world and to help the people of Rwanda.  I would say he is passionate about everything he does.  People naturally like him as he has an infectious personality and spirit. 

Manno will do very well in his life and career should he be given opportunities and assistance along the way.   I am very fond of this bright and wonderful young man and want the best for him.  He is like a son to me.


Dorothy Campbell

62 Nisbet Dr.

Aurora, Ontario L4G 2K7 CANADA


Founder&Managing Director of

Expert Translator and Guide Ltd.

Experienced working with international volunteers, business people, researchers, tourists through Translation and Guiding services.


Expert Translator and Guide Ltd. is a new organization in Rwanda, located in Kigali.It was founded by Emmanuel NZABITONDERA in partnership with several volunteer students in Kigali Institute of Education and was inaugurated on August 09, 2012.
Its aim is to provide all the information and services related to translation and guiding which you need to make the most of your trip to Rwanda.

“Expert Translator and Guide Ltd. provides all the answers to your travel requirements.

The needs of our clients are our priority: our excellent services will ensure that your stay in Rwanda is easy and happy.”


The Expert Translator and Guide Ltd vision is to become a leading Guiding and Translating Company in RWANDA by delivering a high-quality of information and quick services.

We are eagerly also to be good services providers in Rwanda tourism industry, drawing from the diversity and richness of citizens as wells as friends of Rwanda.



We are also committed to helping different people in need, such as the vulnerable people in rural areas.
We promote education to fight against illiteracy through translation
of popular stories for children and adults.
We try to reduce poverty and promote gender equality through creating new jobs in different sectors which provide opportunities for a better life and positive changes in our communities.

We believe that through good governance, dedication and hard work we can make positive changes for the needy communities. Some people may say that it isn’t possible; we can’t do that. But we say: Yes, we can!

A message from Expert Translator and Guide ltd Manager.


The Expert Translator and Guide Ltd runs a wide range of services by helping visitors of Rwanda as well as citizens to enjoy Rwanda and ensures that all are kept up to date so that their life becomes easy in the land of thousand hills by accessing the inclusive services quickly.

Our core mission is to assist impeccably the tourists who come in Rwanda to accomplish their tour delightfully, radiantly and satisfactorily in the land of thousand hills besides neighboring countries. We also facilitate them to get favorable life from the beginning till the end of their trip by providing and affording them the essential and necessary services related to guiding, shopping, research, transport, hiking and photographing in sightseeing by delivering genuine and adequate information as well as translation assistance in 4 languages : ENGLISH, FRENCH, KISWAHILI, KINYARWANDA . The ETG team aspires to meet the needs of its clients.

The list of our services is constantly being added to, and if you need a service which doesn’t currently appear in our services do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can help.

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